Duct Terminators

Duct terminators are designed for easy, time-saving installation and termination of all types and sizes of duct. Formex® manufactures modular duct terminators and single hole Form-A-Duct terminators, and as square to round terminators for situations where utility standards require the interfacing of square and round conduit. Duct terminators can be supplied with different size nominal openings in the same unit, with a maximum of four ducts abreast. If more than four ducts abreast are required, use combinations of terminators with two, three, or four ducts. These may be placed on the outer form jacket butted side by side to achieve any number of openings per tier.

Formex® duct terminators are made of high impact, high strength ABS plastic. Their structural strength is unimpaired by normal concrete curing temperatures. Duct terminators can be manufactured with watertight membranes located at the shoulders. This feature eliminates the added cost of plugs to block openings until duct is brought to the manhole and/or vault. After all ducts have been terminated, membranes may be removed with a knife or with a hammer and chisel. For gas traps and similar applications, duct terminators can be manufactured without shoulders.

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